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Finding information on chocolate fountain wholesalers can be difficult. Since the concept of a chocolate fountain for serving fondue is relatively new, there arenít a lot of companies that specialize in providing this service.

The term wholesale is generally used to refer to the sale of goods to retailers instead of the general public. The retailers then sell these products to their own customers, charging enough of a markup to earn a sufficient profit.

In some cases, private individuals can purchase products at wholesale prices. However, merchant policies can vary widely. Itís not uncommon for a retailer to refuse to sell products to anyone without a valid business license or sales tax identification number. If youíre interested in purchasing products from chocolate fountain wholesalers, itís best to ask about any policies that may affect your purchase.

Chocolate Fountain Wholesalers is one website that specializes in selling wholesale chocolate fountains. They cater to the needs of people interested in starting chocolate fountain rental businesses or expanding an existing party planning service to include fountain rentals. offers fountains in a wide variety of sizes, as well as bulk chocolate, fountain accessories, buffet products, and promotional items.

Choco Fountain, Inc. is a Nebraska-based chocolate fountain wholesaler. This company sells new and used commercial-grade chocolate fountains, as well as the fondue accessories youíll need for weddings, bar mitzvahs, and other special events.

Epicurean Affairs, Inc. is an authorized Sephra Chocolate Fountain Wholesaler. This company offers quality chocolate fountains and chocolate fountain accessories for catering companies who plan to serve several hundred guests. In addition, Epicurean Affairs also offers chocolate fountain rental services.

Buffet Enhancements offers businesses the opportunity to purchase chocolate fountains at wholesale prices. In addition, this chocolate fountain wholesaler provides chocolate fountain accessories and drinking chocolate dispensers. If youíre not interested in purchasing the items, leases are also available.

Start Your Own Fountain Rental Business

If youíre looking to turn your love of chocolate fondue into a profitable business, starting your own chocolate fountain rental service can be an excellent opportunity. People will gladly pay several hundred dollars to use your chocolate fountain for their weddings, anniversary parties, proms, corporate events, or bar mitzvahs.

In many cases, a chocolate fountain can begin generating a return on your investment within months. Serving fondue at just eight catered events per month can easily generate an income of nearly $50,000 per year. If you launch an aggressive marketing campaign and offer complementary services such as fountain attendants or cleanup assistance, youíll be making a profit in no time at all!

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