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  non fat chocolate treats:
no pudge brownies
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Looking for a non-fat, chocolate treat? A company called No Pudge makes a fabulous brownie mix that has no fat, whatsoever.

No Pudge Brownies are incredibly easy to make. Simply blend the mix with non-fat yogurt, place in a pan and bake. The resulting brownies are chewy, fudgy, delicious and free of fat.

Sound great? What makes it even better is that No Pudge comes in several delicious flavors. Try No Pudge raspberry brownies, mint brownies, and cappuccino as well as the marvelous original fudge brownie flavor.

The No Pudge web site also offers a variety of recipes using the No Pudge brownie mix as a starter. You can make individual servings as well as other non-fat and low-fat desserts with their recipes and serving suggestions.

No Pudge brownies are available at Trader Joes, Safeway and Vons stores and many other major retailers.



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