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The Swiss have a remarkable history of making the finest chocolates, but the Lindt Chocolat company stands out even among the competition of its own country. So, what is so special about Lindt chocolate?

Lindt & Sprungli

In 1845, a small Zurich confectioner began employing some Italian techniques for making chocolate. Their chocolate candy was very popular and the company grew steadily in size and production. Ultimately, with their continued growth, the Sprungli chocolate family aquired another chocolate factory, that formerly owned by Rodolphe Lindt. After several years, Lindt separated from the Sprunglis and opened his own competing factory, breaching his sales contract; legal battles ensued and the new firm was ultimately dismantled. However, the original company of Lindt and Sprungli continued to thrive.

Today, Lindt is still headquartered in Zurich and is a publicly held company, listed on the Swiss stock exchange.

Lindt Chocolate

Okay, so we know that these folks have been making chocolate for a long, long time. But, what is really special about Lindt's chocolate? Lindt has accomplished a singularly creamy texture and mouth feel in its chocolate, making eating it one of the most satisfying chocolate experiences. It is fairly mainstream in appeal, without some of the more challenging spicy or coffee notes found in some gourmet chocolates, but making it suitable for a broad chocolate loving audience.

Lindor and Lindt Chocolate Truffles

The Lindt Lindor line of chocolate bars is truly a find. Each bar is segmented into individual squares, each of which contains a softer chocolate encased within a stiffer outer chocolate. The effect on the tongue is exquisite as it melts and coats the taste buds.

Lindt's truffles provide a similar sensation since they have a creamy smooth filling with an intense, but soothing chocolate flavor. They come in a variety of flavors, with plain dark and milk chocolates as well as white chocolate, hazelnut, mint and peanut butter flavored chocolate-filled truffles.

Lindt Chocolate Stores

The good news is that the Lindor line of Lindt chocolate bars and truffles is readily available in the U.S. Chocoholics can find them at gourmet grocery stores, import stores (such as Cost Plus) and other specialty candy retailers. Can't find it locally? Not a problem. The corporate web site has a Lindt chocolate store online where you can order direct if you live in the United States, Germany or Switzerland.



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