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  how to make chocolate covered candy
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How to Make Chocolate Covered Candy

Life may not be a box of chocolates, but a box of chocolates can make life seem a little better. While you can always go out and buy a box of chocolate, it is incredibly satisfying -- and delicious -- to make your own. Try one of these techniques to make your own delicious homemade chocolate covered candy.

Bonbons: chocolate with fondant centers

Many chocolates use fondant candy centers. Fondant is simply a thick, white sugar and water mixture that has been cooked until it crystallizes into various consistencies. Fondant can be a thick liquid or a soft solid that can be rolled. You can make your own fondant or purchase readymade fondant at a store that specializes in cake decorating supplies.

To make hand dipped chocolates with rolled fondant, roll little bits of your fondant into small balls. Dip the candy filling into melted chocolate and allow them to dry on parchment paper. Alternately, you can coat a candy mold with chocolate, allow it to harden and cool, then press fondant filling into the mold. Coat the remainder with chocolate and cool until it is ready to be removed from the mold.

You can use common and basic ingredients such as almonds, peanuts and bits of dried cherries. Or, you can get more exotic. Try mixing dried raspberries, cranberries or marionberries with your fondant and then coating them with chocolate for a more unusual and decadent candy treat.

Chocolate covered fruit and nuts

You can combine dried fruit and nuts with fondant to make candy centers, or you can just dip fruit or nuts directly into chocolate to make delicious candy.

Melt good quality chocolate (using the microwave or a double boiler to ensure you do not burn it) and dip small pieces of dried fruit or nuts into the chocolate. It works well with raisins, dried apricots, pineapple, and dried apples as well as large nuts such as pecans, walnuts, macadamias and Brazil nuts.

Allow them to cool and dry on parchment paper. Store them in sealed containers in a cool (but not cold), dry place.

Molded chocolates

It is easy to make chocolates in a variety of fun shapes using chocolate molds. Chocolate molds are available in nearly any shape you can imagine. Look for them at party supply, candy making and cake decorating stores. If you do not find a good selection of chocolate molds locally, look online for retailers that can provide nearly any shape you could want.

While it is certainly fine to make chocolate in traditional mold shapes like seashells, cameos and champagne bottles, think outside the classic chocolate box. Need to present an award? An award chocolate mold lets you create something unique and exciting. Want to send people home from a bridal or baby shower with something a little bit different? Use a reproduction of an antique chocolate mold, model a chocolate version of a baby's hand or make erotic chocolates with a mold sure to please your guests.

Taking a trip upriver? Mold chocolate candy canoes for your whole tour group. Throwing a costume gala? Give molded chocolate masks to all of your guests. Your kids are having birthdays? You can find molds of princesses, teacups, Elmo, farm animals like pigs and cows and even everyone's favorite dinosaur, Barney.

Chocolate molds are generally made of silicone or plastic and are easy to use, clean and reuse. You can use the chocolates sold in candy making stores that are intended for chocolate mold candy-making, or melt any good quality chocolate if you want to make something a little more gourmet.

See the recipe for chocolate fondant filling.





  how to make chocolate cover candy  
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