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Dark, dark chocolate
Good news for dark chocolate lovers!  The makers of M&Ms, Dove chocolate and Snickers (Masterfoods) is launching new dark chocolate candies in all of those lines. M&Ms did a temporary release of a dark chocolate candy which was  met with rave reviews. There will even be a sugar free Dove dark chocolate offering. Mmmmmm. Read more about Masterfood's dark plan...

Eat chocolate for clearer skin?
That is what BORBA claims with their new clarifying chocolate bar. The dark Swiss confection contains BORBA's patented clarifying boost. A 1.79 ounce bar sells for $8 at Nordstrom. Skin care certainly never tasted so good...

Chocolate clothing?
Need more chocolate in your life? Try wearing it. Chocolate Shirts feature chocolate scented lettering on cocoa colored t-shirts. These no-calorie shirts are meant to satisfy cravings of chocoholics, but be advised their scent is quite overwhelming...

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